Top benefits of using clean diesel in a generator

There are many benefits of using clean diesel in the best diesel generators and doing fuel polishing frequently. When a diesel generator runs on clean fuel, many things will occur in the generator. First, the clean fuel will lubricate and clean the whole injection system. Secondly, the fuel injectors will be protected and chances of failing will be reduced. Thirdly, clean diesel in a generator makes it easier to maintain the machine. This means that maintenance expenses are likely to be kept very low for a long time. Dirty diesel fuel in a generator will in one way or the other cause buildup of sludge once the diesel starts to deteriorate. But if clean diesel is used sludge buildup does not become a problem to the generator.

When a generator runs with more smoke than usual, this is always an indication that the fuel is dirty. To minimize this problem, the best solution would be to use clean diesel fuel. By having clean diesel fuel in an onan 8000 quiet diesel generator, this will ensure that the generator continues to offer reliable services during times of emergencies and power outages. It is worth noting that every diesel generator manufacturer recommends the type of diesel that should be used in their generators.

They recommend this because fuel nowadays comes with many additives or blends. Therefore, it is advisable that you only use the type of diesel fuel recommended by the manufacturer. You can know what type of diesel fuel is recommended by reading the onan 7500 quiet diesel generator service manual. Another point to note is that it is not easy to know whether you are using dirty or clean diesel fuel. This is because when used for the first time, the dirty fuel will still power up the generator and make it run efficiently. The transformation will happen over time hence the reason why diesel in a generator must be maintained, sampled and tested periodically.

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